We care about the health and well-being of our community, customers, and employees during this unpredictable time. With more people and surrounding areas being affected by Covid-19 we are trying to take precautions the best we can while staying open. 


Here are the details on how we are temporarily moving forward: 



We will be closed to the public for “on-site shopping” and only allowing call/email in orders for pickup. 



What about Appointments?

There is a possibility for appointments to walk-around and shop but on a very limited basis and for those expecting to have a larger order of $50 or more. We will still ask what you are interested in and try to get most of your order ready before hand if possible. Please understand we usually encourage our customers to come and walk around and spend lots of time here shopping, or just hanging out, but are simply trying to (temporarily) encourage less contact and social distancing. 

Please call and speak with an employee FIRST to determine if an appointment is a better fit and to set a time. 

New phone/pick-up hours: Tues-Saturday 10AM-4PM
Appointments will also be made during this time frame.
We are closed Sunday and Monday. 
Online Store
(products being added daily - but not all available products are listed yet)


Placing your order - How does it work?

Check our inventory right here on our website!  When you are ready to place an order, get a hold of us with your list ready (via email or phone) as we will need to double check to ensure we have it.  


For the quickest response about the quantity we have in stock or specifics of the plants you are interested in, please call or text us at 541-844-5559. We will answer questions and can even send you photos via text (preferred) or email to see if they are what you are looking for. (Ex] the height of a tree or the exact color of a flower). 


After we have confirmed your order we will need to process payment via phone. Next, your full order will be placed in a holding area with your name and receipt attached next to our gift shop. 


Pick-up is Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-4PM. 

Please pull up to our gift shop area, and the “curb-side” pickup area will be on the left. Your plants should already be paid for, so you can simply get out and grab what is yours. Your name and receipt will be attached. You may then continue straight out and do a loop to get out and back on your way! There is an employee on duty usually in or around the gift shop if you need any assistance. Feel free to honk or call the line if you prefer to stay in your vehicle. 


*Again, as a safety precaution for both our employees and our customers, we are trying to avoid as much personal contact as we can. Please, unless otherwise discussed, try not to wander around during your pick-up time.  


Delivery? YES!

We will temporarily offer free delivery according to the following schedule:

***Minimum Purchase of $25***


Bandon (Ray’s Shopping Center): Tuesday and Friday 2PM

Coos-Bay (Fred Meyer): Friday 3PM

Port Orford (Ray’s Food Place): Thursday 2PM


Other areas or doorside delivery: Please feel free to ask if you live in another surrounding area such as Coquille or Myrtle Point, or even further North/South. Also, if you are not able to leave your home to meet at the location. We go on plant runs for more inventory and are sometimes able to make drop offs if on the way. 

*These may be charged a delivery fee, but please just ask if there is a need, and we will definitely try to figure something out to get you planting!! 


A couple final things...


Although we have taken email/phone orders before this will be different for us to focus on solely. So, please be patient and bear with us as we are now very lightly staffed and may be busy receiving and putting these orders together, planting more ourselves than we have been able to in a long time, (yay!) as well as making deliveries and plant pick-ups to keep stocked on all of your favorites.

We are currently working hard to create an online order form and system linked to our inventory so you can comfortably and securely order online through just our website portal. We are also going around taking photos of each type of plant we have in stock and writing in some details so you can see and know exactly what you are ordering when online. No more having to call in to check stock or pay over the phone!  


Check back soon to see this feature, or just to see what else is new. 


Thank you for your continued support and understanding!!! 

Happy planting!!


-Jenine and Pam


Ready to place an order? Contact us at:

Phone: 541-844-5559 (Tues-Saturday, 10AM-4PM)

Email: contact@dragonflyfarmlanglois.com