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We are hiring!

We are looking for seasonal and potentially long term people who are willing to work full time and on weekends (during our high season) to join our Dragonfly crew!

Your duties would include: helping with customers, running the register, tagging plants, moving plants, placing plants in visually pleasing ways while keeping organized with our system, watering, raking, deadheading, weeding... As well as opening and closing the nursery, participating in the work app we use with our team in order to communicate and stay organized and attending monthly meetings.



Some musts...

Must have an outgoing personality....enjoy talking to people, especially and mostly about plants!

Also, we have lots of people on our staff already with limited availability... Please don't apply unless you are able to work both weekend days, up to 8 hour shifts, and up to 5 days a week, at the very minimum we need you 3 days a week.. but up to 5 days in the busy season (March-June).

 We do slow down a lot in the fall/winter and seasonally you may not have a full time schedule. But if needed we can give the hours to the right person....there's always something to do!

You also must be able to work in the rain & lift 40 lbs.

Reliable transportation & being on time is a must... we need to be able to count on you to show up when needed/scheduled.


Minimum wage to start if no nursery experience.

If you have some experience and want discuss desired wage we are open to that. 

We are happy to give raises and bonuses to people that work hard and care about our plants and nursery as much as we do. <3

We can offer you a positive working environment, 40% off (employee discount) everything + our Employee Family Discount of 20% and paid sick leave (after 90 days employed).

Please email or drop off your resume & cover letter.
Let us know why you'd like to work here and why you'd be a good fit for our team.
If we feel you might be the right fit, we'll give you a call for an interview. After the initial meet and greet interview, if it feels right, we will call you to schedule a working interview (2 days paid trial period) to make sure everyone's happy and then we will go from there. 

We are so excited you are interested in joining our Dragonfly family.

Happy Planting!

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