Dragonfly Farm & Nursery

Holiday Open House

Friday November 27th, 10am-4pm

Saturday November 28th, 10am-4pm

 Sunday November 29th 10am-4pm

Things to know before applying:

The type of vendors we are looking for are the ones who make their own or sell locally made items. We want to advertise that customers can find unique local gifts! Although we really try to stick to this rule, we are open to having other types of vendors at our events, please apply if you think your business is the right fit! Thanks for understanding. :)

How much does it cost?

  • $25 each day

    • Refund & Cancellation Policy: 

      • If it rains and you won't be coming due to weather, we will give you a partial refund ($15 refund per day you paid for). This helps us cover the extra insurance costs we are already paying...

      • If it does not rain and you do not show up, there will be no refund for no-shows.

      • Vendors must cancel 7 days before the event date for a full refund. 

How big?

  • Approximately 12 feet x 12 feet...it's all outside and you can definitely spread out where possible!

  • Where?

    • Outside in our field. Unlike other events, the booths will be closer to the nursery area but on the North side of the big fire pit (we will have a big fire going all three days) We will make a row of booths facing toward the nursery. We encourage you to come check out the space before you apply, especially if you are worried about it... It will get sun (if the sun is out that day...dress warm!!). It's mostly flat in this area.

      • We encourage you to bring a canopy and stake it down with weights. 

  • When? You can choose one day, two days or all three days!

    • Friday November 27th, 10am-4pm

    • Saturday November 28th, 10am-4pm

    •  Sunday November 29th 10am-4pm

    • We expect you to hang around your booth for all of the hours of the event. If you feel the hours are too long or you will need to cut out early, please do not apply as this can jeopardize the feel of our event. Thanks for understanding!

  • Other:

    • No electricity will be available for booths unless absolutely necessary (we have limited electrical). 

    • You must provide your own tables, chairs, etc...

    • We will advertise our event but we advise you to place your own advertisements about your business being there as well!

    • Sorry, we do not accept credit cards for vendors

If you have any questions please email Jenine:


Please give us up to 5 business days to respond to applications.

Do not pay until approval has been sent.

If approved you will be asked to send your vendor payment to us either through an online link (that we will email you) via credit card or by check or cash either dropped off or mailed to us.

VENDOR SPOTS ARE NOT reserved until payment has been made and confirmation of payment has been sent to you.

THIS IS A FIRST PAID, FIRST RESERVED basis and we will keep approving vendors until we fill the spots as quickly as possible. 

Thank you for understanding :)