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ALL junipers

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Below you will find our plant (and sometimes more) inventory!
We update this at least twice a month.
Please inquire if you don't see something you are looking for, we are getting in new plants all the time and would love to try and help get what you need!
We have arranged the list by plant type.
Within each category, plants are listed in alphabetical order, mostly by botanical name.
Many plants can be called by the same common name, so it's best to know the botanical name when you are looking for that special plant to make sure you are looking for the right one!
The '#1', '#2', '#3', etc... is referring to the size of the pot. #1 means 1 gallon.
*Please call or text us at 541-844-5559 to confirm we have a product
if you are counting on it being at the nursery - we have/have had sooo many products in stock, the counts can be off or sometimes items get put into inventory that we have ordered but haven't received yet.
Thanks for understanding!