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June 10 - What's been happening??

We just had our first wedding!! It was small but so beautiful and the bride was our very own manager Emily!! We were unsure about the weather so held it in a greenhouse decorated with lights and flowers everywhere. Her and Carl's family and close friends were here to share the special day.
We are looking forward to offering more weddings in the future!


Jenine, Dragonfly Farm's lovely co-owner and founder of our nursery is taking a leave for a bit. Not sure how long, but please know that she is happy and simply trying out some new paths. She started this place at only 19 and although she loves it dearly she is just seeing what else is out there in the big world, outside of our little slice of paradise. 

For our regulars, this is the biggest news as you won't be seeing her face around for a while.
Rest assured, most of our staff has been here for over a year, (some 4 years!) and some are stepping up to new management roles to help fill her big shoes.

Before taking off, her and her partner Frank built a gorgeous, colorful (purple and green, of course;)) pergola outside which is now our new retail/checkout area!


Final news: we are back to open full-time 10-5, and getting new pretties in every couple days, so please come and check it all out!!


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