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Hold Policy

In Store Holds

For customers who purchase plants on site

& request us to hold them...

  • We will hold items for Customers who purchase plants on site and need some time to pick them up, for up to one week free of charge. These plants will need to be paid for before holding. 
    (eg]. don't have a vehicle that will fit the plants purchased, etc.)


  • After 1 week of holding and caring for your plants, we will require a $5 holding fee for the 2nd week. And add an additional $10 holding fee for each week thereafter.

Call In Holds

For customers who call in & request us

to hold plants...

  • We can hold pre-paid plants up to one full business day free of charge.
    eg]. If you call Tuesday, we will hold your plant through the end of Wednesday free of charge).


  • After 1 full day, we will require a $5 holding fee to be paid for up to 1 week of holding an item. After that first week is over, we will require a $10 holding fee to be paid for each week thereafter. 

  • Customers must pre-pay for their items and any hold fees with a card over the phone or emailed invoice. The hold fee is nonrefundable.

    • If you have not come for your plants by the date agreed upon/paid for: We will give you a call to check in. We can either refund your credit card and restock the items on hold, (excluding the non-refundable holding fee) or we can continue holding your plants, adding any additional holding fees that apply.

Please note that sale items are not

eligible for call in holds.

We are happy to hold plants for you!
However, due to the extra time & care it takes to remove your plants from our main sales area & care for them in our holding area, an additional holding fee may be required.

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