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Bare Root Strawberries
available now through March (while supplies last)


Bundle of 5 - $8 (1.60 each)
Bundle of 10 - $12 ($1.20 each)

Bundle of 25 - $27.50 ($1.10 each)
Bundle of 50 - $50 ($1 each)

(cannot mix & match different bundles to reach total quantity pricing.)

About the varieties we have...

Everbearing (produces June to September)
This variety produces very large, firm, sweet, fruit with a medium to long conical shape. Seascape is a very productive and disease-resistant variety ideal for gardens or containers. This day-neutral performs well in a wide variety of climates from Hawaii to Canada.

Everbearing (produces June to September) 
This popular variety produces large, firm berries that are quite sweet. The fruit is bright red in color and the shape is conical and symmetrical. Albion is a high yielding variety that works well in home gardens and u-pick operations, bearing fruit throughout the summer months.

Everbearing (produces June to September) 
Perfect for fresh eating, desserts, and preserves. Not recommended for freezing. Quinault are high yielding, vigorous plants that produce many runners, but susceptible to mildew. Fruit is too soft for fruit stands, but excellent for pick your own and home gardeners. 

June Bearing (produces in early June)
This "short day" variety has early season productivity of medium-large, wedge-shaped, extremely sweet and fragrant berries, with medium firm flesh. With parent stock consisting of both spring bearing and everbearing varieties, it will produce longer into the season than Sequoia and other spring bearing varieties.


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