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Pumpkin Patch
October 1st - October31st

Although we don't grow the pumpkins our selves.. we source from an Oregon farm and offer them in a way that resembles a pumpkin patch! All laid out on rows of straw in our event field... (also in the nursery), come pick out your perfect pumpkin!
Price is by weight - please take your pumpkins to our register area!

Pumpkin Party

two weekends!

October 7th & 8th

October 14th & 15th

  • Mock Pumpkin Patch

  • Pumpkin Painting

  • Face Painting

  • Games + Mini Maze

  • Plate Food Truck (no food truck Oct. 7th, bring your own picnic!) 

  • Hot & Iced Apple Cider

  • Coffee, Tea, Sodas, Lemonade

  • Popcorn, cookies, chips, soda, coffee, tea


Feel free to bring your own food and drinks.

Costumes are encouraged!

Questions? Want to help?

Contact us! Call or text: 541-844-5559

Fall is for planting! 
Fall is a great time to get perennials, shrubs and trees in the ground.

Fall and winter are the seasons when most plants are taking a break. Because it's cooler and the lack of sun they want to save all their energy for the right season, so they go into dormancy (some more than others). And because the plants aren't focused on leaf growth or fruit and flower production, they can spend all their energy they do have on establishing their roots! Add in all the fall rain and you get a win-win scenario! Now when spring rolls around your plants aren't trying to do both and can focus on all that leaf growth because they are already established. 
We have thousands of landscape plants in stock... Think fruit trees, berries, shrubs, vines, perennial flowers, grasses, ground covers. We also have fall bulbs and garlic!

Send us a text/give us a call @ 541-844-5559 regarding availability or any other questions you may have!

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