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Image by Caroline O'Brien

Summer Blooming Bulbs

Summer bulbs are here!
Plant them now for easy summer - fall blooms.
We have begonias, calla lilies, canna lilies, croc
osmia, dahlias, gladiolus, tiger lilies,
& ranunculus!

We just got a big shipment of native trees, shrubs, flowers and berries, as well as a shipment of one-gallon fruits and nuts including:
Red-flesh apples, columnar apples, almonds, new varieties of citrus, medlars, chestnuts, mulberries, lots of currants, Aronia, pomegranates, autumn olives, grapes, & goji berries!

Our certified organic seed potatoes have arrived from Maine! We have three varieties available: Yukon Gold, Dark Red Norland, and All Blue.
See information and pricing below.

Recently, we realized that we didn't have a listing on the popular travel site, TripAdvisor.  We want to share our one-of-a-kind nursery with as many people as we can, and to do this, we need to let people know we're here!
If you love Dragonfly Farm, please consider leaving us a review or adding some of your favorite pictures to our profile. 
We thank you for your support!

Bareroot raspberries and asparagus are here! We have bareroot fruit trees for a short time longer.



Bareroot rhubarb & bare root strawberries
are coming in April, so check back!

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